Distant Pals

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The world got weird... fast! We're all socially distant now.

Can I write you letters from home while we figure this mess out?

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  • Curated ideas that are either thought-provoking, anxiety-reducing, or just kinda-interesting.
  • Tactics for staying sane and leveling up while social distancing.
  • Thoughts on how we can be better humans. 🙌

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- about me -

I'm Tom Tate, a 30-something year old father of three, husband, and marketer from just outside Philadelphia, PA. It's been challenging to stay grounded and connected in times of uncertainty, but I'm looking for bright spots everywhere I can. I've launched a few successful email newsletters in the past and I produce podcasts to share stuff I learn and experience.

- about you -

Mom, dad, single, young, old... it doesn't matter. You just want the best– not only for yourself but for everyone around you. Here's the rub– life is hard, and social distancing isn't helping! Your work-life balance doesn't exist anymore. Your responsibilities are demanding. You never feel like you have time or space or room to breathe. You just want to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and whole. I feel ya!


Let's figure this out... together.